Would you like to know what I do?

What can I do for you? I offer a variety of high quality services to help you company accomplish its goal and objectives.

Team Building and Team Reinvention:

One of my favorite efforts is to work directly with a team to build healthy work relationships, alignment of purpose and a create a renewed motivation for teamwork, performance and service. Even with the most dysfunctional teams, we consistently receive an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on "impact' and "importance" of these efforts. In a recent team training, a participant wrote, "This was the most valuable Retreat I've ever attended! I feel so much better about the people I work with. This was very extensively customized for our group. Vicki demonstrated a thorough understanding of who we are and what our challenges are. Awesome!" We can customize delivery into retreats, leadership series or sessions or on-going coaching. This is particularly effective in times of change or new services / leadership.

Strategic Planning:

I can help you to analyze and optimize organizational strengths and develop strategies for penetrating new opportunities and markets. We use innovation and creative problem solving to overcome threats and potential weaknesses in the organization. We engage team members and other stakeholders to build buy in and a multifaceted approach to both internal and external issues. Our focus is to impact organizational performance and team dynamics to optimize operations. We also assist in change management - planning and execution.

Performance & Quality Improvement:

With extensive background in quality improvement, project management and lean implementation, I can help teams to improve their processes for reduced expense and increased profitability. As a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Corporate Auditor, I can help analyze and help to redefine quality systems and facilitate Quality Function Deployment I help organizational choose from customized use of quality tools and processes (Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, Process flow documentation and redesign). I can support you organization through training, project management, facilitation or coaching internal resources.

Designing Measurable Outcomes & Scorecards:

In today's economy, all customers demand data to direct decision making. Managers and team members use data to drive improvements, investment, and initiatives. I help you to identify the marketable process outcomes; create a balanced scorecard or dashboard content including measures, tracking, reporting and use for planning and improving.

Organizational Redesign:

I help organizations through necessary restructuring and organizational redesign. This can include job design and certification, work processes, work environment & cultural changes, training systems, team design, and human resource systems (hiring, orientation, corrective action, compensation, etc.)

Organizational Analysis:

A foundation for many efforts is organizational analysis of internal capacity, strength and opportunities for improvement; gap analysis and team analysis. We can develop and deploy surveys for employees or customers. Gather the relevant data and transform the analysis into action.

Large Scale Organization Project Management

With internal resources at minimal levels, many organizations need additional help managing strategic initiatives or operations improvement efforts. With many years of management experience, I can help your internal team and provide the additional capacity in planning and executing specific efforts.

Executive Coaching

Who coaches the coach? I work directly with leaders or potential leaders to help their effectiveness in the organization. Whether you are grooming your top performer, counseling a troubled leader, succession planning or managing transitions in family owned businesses, this external assistance can rapidly develop individuals or provide the support needed.

Curriculum and Training System Development

I develop training, trainers and training systems for organizations in both soft skills and technical competency certifications. I work with subject-matter-experts to identify learning needs and skills/knowledge deficits and then develop engaging and interactive training. I offer classes and coaching in instructional design, training formats, instructor strategies, practical assessments, and trainer team development.

Training for Comprehensive Leadership Development (not all inclusive):

Many organizations combine development needs into a "Leadership Academy" or training series that target exactly the development needs of their leaders. I can customize the training for your organization. Some of the modules include:

"Leading High Performance"
"Coaching Top Performers"
"Increasing Teamwork and Team Morale"
"Optimizing Strengths using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator"
"Building Alignment within the Organization"
"Decision Making with Teamwork and Data"
"Effective Meetings and Team Engagement"
"Presentation Skills"
“Strategic Planning Processes”
“Coaching Potential, Accountability and the Difficult Employee”
“Facilitating Team Involvement and Employee Engagement”
“Employee Evaluation, Development and Corrective Action”
“The Changing Role of Leader and Growing Your Leadership Capacity”
“Interactive Meetings and Facilitating Group Decision Making”
“Managing Change and Fostering Innovation”
“Managing Upward and Outward– Use of Influence”
“Human Resource Systems and Minimizing Legal Exposure”

Training for Team Improvement

“Team building” and“Team Skills:  Feedback, conflict management, communications, decision making, process ownership, team accountability and reporting”
“Effective Relationships using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator”
“Managing the Growth of the Team and Organization”
“Team Start-up and Reinvention”
“Group Problem Solving and Process Improvement”

Training for Quality Process and Performance Improvement:

“Building the Lean Enterprise”
"Lean Certification"
“Lean Facilitator Certification”
“Project Management”
“Six Sigma Green Belt Certification”
“Using Measures to Improve Performance Outcomes”
“Introduction to Process Improvement and Six Sigma”
“High Performance Operations Tools and Processes”
“Process Analysis and Redesign”

Trainer Development

“Building the Development System, Structure and Standards”
“Curriculum Development & Designing Interactive Training Processes”
“Presentation Skills, Training Delivery and Interactive Facilitation”